Cornerstone Martial Arts
Cornerstone Martial Arts is proud to welcome Evolution Krav Maga Delaware to our family! More info coming to the website soon, in the meantime give us a call at 302-234-1966 for info!

I could never say enough good things about Cornerstone Martial Arts. It has been so great watching our daughter progress over several years. The staff are dedicated beyond belief and provide a very welcoming environment for students and families alike. I highly recommend.

Patrick Garrett

The entire staff are true professionals they know and understand their craft. If you want to learn martial arts or want your child to learn martial arts Cornerstone is the place to go.

Brian Adair

Best studio around. The staff is extremely kid friendly. It is great to see kids learning important life principles and having fun at the same time.

Zachary M Hansen

Karate has helped to teach my 10yr old son discipline, control, respect, and humility. All values that are important as he grows up. Cornerstone is not the building, it is the people. What an amazing group of instructors and mentors.

Scott Bailey

We hosted our son’s fifth birthday party at Cornerstone. He chose the Jedi theme so Max, the instructor, took the kids through an obstacle course, some basic karate, and then taught the kids Jedi moves with light sabers. Max was kind, organized, and kept a party of 15 little kids happy and under control. My son already requested we plan his party at Cornerstone again next year!

Melissa Riley Ford

A welcoming environment - great people, great workout...lots of fun!

Gay Trovei

A great place for learning martial arts at any age 5-80!!! The instructors are amazing!!!

Bolo Jones

Cornerstone Martial Arts in the Heart Of Hockessin.

The Two Master Blackbelt owners are two of the best Blackbelts in the Tristate area.

Karate is a way of life.

Cornerstone covers it all !

They teach you how to defend yourself and how to avoid a conflict if one should arise.

Joseph Lee Hooker

Perfect for families. Amazing instructors. Outstanding ability to engage children and people of any age.

Richard Castro

I was lucky enough to find Master Kloss a few years ago when I was looking to continue on in Martial Arts. I knew they had an excellent kids program but I was very happy to find that the Adult martial arts program was excellent as well. With multiple knowledgeable instructors and many special classes training never gets dull. I'm getting great reinforcement and fine tuning on base skills and learning new skills all of the time. I highly recommend Cornerstone Martial Arts!

Brian Pomije

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