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George Maybroda

Master George Maybroda is known for telling his students, “Your life is an Occasion!!! Rise to it!!!” He started his Martial Arts training at the age of 12 at Diamond State Tae Kwon Do in the Coffee Run shopping center in Hockessin D.E.. That school would eventually become the Hockessin location for the Korean Martial Arts Institute years later. Master Maybroda trained under Thomas Murray for 2 years before circumstances cut his training short but that was far from the end of Master Maybroda’s love for the Martial Arts, or the journey he would soon take that would mold and shape his life.

March 15, 1993 a very overweight and out of shape George Maybroda wandered into the school at Coffee Run expecting to find his previous instructor -- instead he found Mr. Rob Kloss, the man who would be responsible for starting him on his life’s journey and purpose to teach and train martial arts professionally.

Maybroda lost the weight and began to get into shape. He started competing and assisting the then Mr. Kloss and Mr. Watters, who later to become Master Robert Kloss and Master Erwin Watters, with teaching class. Master Maybroda realized very quickly that personal high achievement in the martial arts is rewarding and necessary, but equally important and necessary is to show others how Martial Arts can positively change the course and direction of one’s life by giving students purpose, direction and a set of personal standards that students are required to hold themselves accountable to.

Master Maybroda has dedicated his life to being the best possible Martial Artist, Fighter and Teacher that he can be.

Since Master Maybroda started his journey he has achieved many successes such as achieving the ranks of 4th Master Tang Soo Do, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae kwon Do and Hapkido, Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and currently trains and competes in traditional Thai boxing, Muay Thai.

Master Maybroda throughout his tournament career, has won over one hundred trophies for Point Karate and Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do and is a mutli-time Grand Champion. He currently trains and competes in full contact kick boxing at the age of 44, competing in both the USKA and the PRAKB.

He currently owns Maybroda’s Iron Circle Martial Arts in Malvern PA and with this new Partnership with Master Rob Kloss is a co-owner of Cornerstone Martial Arts dedicated to preserving the traditions of the martial arts and setting the highest standards in Martial Arts Development and Achievement.

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