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The Best Self-defense In Hockessin

Not Only Will You Get Effective Self Defense Training? You?ll Also Get In Amazing Shape, Build Your Confidence And Have The Time Of Your Life.


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Self Defense Is Powerful & Empowering.

No one wants to think about it, but the chances of being attacked are very real... and no one is off limits from being the next target, no matter where they live.

We teach men and women alike how to survive a violent encounter through practical, reality-based self-defense training.

You will also learn easy-to-use techniques on how to evade, escape, and defend yourself. More importantly, we instruct you how not to become a victim through our varied scenario training.

Very quickly, you'll begin to carry yourself with confidence and become the kind of person an attacker will avoid! When you have developed those powerful skills to defend yourself, you will not feel nervous or frightened when you're out and about.

You may not be able to avoid a violent physical assault, but you can significantly change the outcome. You don't have to be a victim... and your safety never did anyone harm.

Boost Your Confidence & Happiness Level.

To learn and grow with your self-defense skills, you must develop your self-discipline. You have to be motivated and dedicated to the practice. Going to class and showing up on a regular basis develops your discipline.

As you progress, your confidence will soar. You'll realize how strong you really are on the inside, and that strength will carry over into other parts of your life.

As a result, you'll feel happier, empowered and have a higher quality of life and really, isn't that what you've always wanted?

Become A New & Improved You.

We don't grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.

Our classes are the perfect mix of fun, thrill and challenge. We empower people from all walks of life to defend themselves in any situation.

When you see the immediate and long-term results, your confidence will soar, and you'll start to accomplish more and more in all parts of your life. With greater focus, strength and determination, you'll be able to accomplish great things in life.

And that's the real gift of our Self Defense classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been tested in real, life-threatening confrontations. Students learn verbal tactics to keep themselves safe in situations of threats, attacks, and violence or boundary violations - whether with friends, acquaintances, dates, family or strangers. You will learn basic physical techniques to use if verbal tactics are not enough. Students will have the opportunity to practice the use of physical and verbal skills in drills and simulated attack scenarios. While there is nothing flashy about the system, it is highly effective, nonetheless.
Not at all. Self-defense is taught to men, women, and children who want the absolute best training in self-protection.
No worries. You don't need any martial arts experience to start training in Self-Defense. That's our job... to show you how to use your voice and your body to fight back and defend yourself. The system is designed to take students with no previous experience and bring them to a level of proficiency and confidence as quickly as possible.
While the classes can be challenging and physically demanding at times, you do not need to get in shape first. This program is designed for everyone, regardless of fitness level. In fact, taking classes is a great way to get in shape. Our class format is created to encourage students to step outside their comfort zone a bit, but also allow them to progress and reach their goals at a pace they feel comfortable with.
A: Safety is our top priority and utmost care is given in creating a safe training environment that doesn't have any egos, anger, or tempers. However, as with all contact training, there is a slight risk of injury. Everyone here is very understanding, supportive, and helpful in class so the chances of getting hurt are small.

Check out what Google users are saying about Cornerstone Martial Arts

Melissa Ford
- 8 months ago
We hosted our son’s fifth birthday party at Cornerstone. He chose the Jedi theme so after running an obstacle course and learning some basic karate, the kids learned some Jedi moves with lightsabers. Max, the instructor, was kind, well organized, and kept the kids under control. Everyone had a great time and my son has already requested we plan his party there next year!

LJ Wolf
- 8 months ago
I am currently a brown belt here. The instructors are very kind and know how to interact with kids. I have lots of fun here! Totally recommend this place for any kid interested.

Matthew Klee
- 5 years ago
Just got the results from annual physical: reduced cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, less body fat percentage. I Love Kickboxing! Can’t beat it! Actually, I guess you can: frequently and with much enthusiasm. You’ll love it too. Check it out.

Desiree Rivera
- 5 years ago
Started kickboxing classes here about 4 months ago and already lost 20+ pounds! The classes are always new and exciting no matter how often you go. The instructors are all knowledgable, friendly, and easy going making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. All around awesome experience every time!

Natasha Diokno
- 5 years ago
I love going to the I Love Kickboxing classes at this studio. It is a fun workout and a great way to relieve stress. The staff is friendly and helpful. It's an awesome way to get fit and stay healthy!

You'll Find The Guidance, Discipline, And Support You Need Right Here. Guaranteed.